Pouring Water

As a result of the *conversation between Zuleikha and Potiphar*, Joseph was made the head servant in Potiphar’s household. This caused resentment among the other servants, for Joseph had so newly arrived. This resentment added to the burden of being head servant.

Joseph’s workday normally began with Zuleikha calling him into her boudoir where, sitting on a high chair, and with Joseph sitting on the floor in front with stylus and papyrus in hand, she would dictate to him the things she wanted done that day. Always, Zuleikha would have on a softly-coloured diaphanous robe. Then throughout the day as Joseph was doing what Zuleikha had wanted done, she would take every opportunity to come in to wherever in the house or surroundings he might be working in, and to stand about talking to him about this and that.

“You don’t mind me talking to you so much?” said Zuleikha one afternoon as Joseph was taking a quick break from supervising some work in the granary.

“Not at all, Mistress”, said Joseph.

“You needn’t call me ‘Mistress’, just ‘Zuleikha’. In fact I want you to call me ‘Zuleikha’, but only when we’re alone.”


“Say it again.”


“Oh, how sweet it sounds from your lips. And your name, ‘Joseph’, is the sweetest name for a man that I ever heard. ‘Joseph’……’Joseph’. Does it sound sweet from my lips?”


“Do you want to kiss my lips? I want to kiss yours.”

“Er…..yes….I mean no.”

“I see you’re trembling. I was only teasing. But, you know Joseph, when I’m in bed at night with Potty…….I mean Potiphar…..I think of you. Do you think of me at night too, when you’re in bed?”

“Er……..sometimes. I mean I sometimes think of what work you’ll want me to do tomorrow, and so on.”

“You’re trembling again. I hope I’ve not embarrassed you.”


“Well, I’ve taken up enough of your time, Joseph. I’ll leave you now to carry on what you were doing. But I’ll be thinking of you. Perhaps you’ll come in to my dreams tonight while I’m asleep. I do hope so.”


On going to bed that night, Joseph began thinking about Zuleikha and couldn’t stop thinking about her, and he couldn’t sleep.

When all had become silent in the house, he crept outside, and to a nearby well. He filled a jar with water and, after removing his robe, poured the water over himself. He did this several times more. When he re-entered the house, and his bed, he slept soundly………

Source: Genesis 39, 7-8

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2 Responses to Pouring Water

  1. dafna says:

    say Christopher… you are nearing “let my people go”.

    have you thought that far ahead? there’s a lot of ground to cover. it’s the easter eggs that reminded me. i’ve always thought it odd that because christians and jews use different calendars, jesus must sometimes rise from the dead before he gets to eat his last supper.

    perhaps you will allow Him to express his annoyance with this when you tackle the new testament? that would be some tricky dialogue… He would have to be commenting in present tense.

  2. Christopher says:

    Your saying that Jesus must sometimes rise from the dead before he eats his last supper was felicitous (or fortuitous), for, earlier this evening, I was watching a science fiction film that postulates that if the speed of light could be increased, a light you switch on in a room, would come on before you flick the switch!!

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