Humming and Splashing

As her visitor, the mysterious *dazzling man*, had asked her to, Asenath washed herself throughly with the help of one of her maidservants. This wash was a special wash because Asenath hadn’t washed for seven days, and had been covered in mud-like ashes throughout that time.

She hummed softly as she lay in the tub of water. The maidservant scrubbed her down to get all the ashes off, and rubbed her body with sweet-smelling oils. When bath-time was finished, Asenath put on one of her most enticing robes, and a veil, and put on her most sparkling jewellery, and went out to the other room where the man was waiting.

“How wonderful you look, Asenath,” he said. “You have adorned yourself as a bride. It’s as if you know you are soon to be one, and you are right, for God On High has told me to tell you that Joseph will take you to wife, and it will be very soon.”

“I’m happy to hear of this, of course, yes……..happy,” said Asenath.

“Is that all you are, just happy?” said the man, “I expected you’d be ecstatic. Joseph is every young woman’s dream, handsome, intelligent and wise, powerful, and, most importantly, in the grace and favour of God On High.”

“Of course I know Joseph is all these things,” said Asenath, “I feel, though, you are all these things too, and even more. I mean, with your robe and crown and royal staff and your dazzling appearance, you could be Joseph himself. But I don’t think Joseph could go through a solid door all ethereal-like, as you seemed to, when you suddenly appeared in my home. If you, not Joseph, could take me to wife, I would be the happiest woman in all of Egypt.”

“I’m indeed flattered you would want me to take you to wife,” said the man, “Were I not chief captain of God On High, and not based in Heaven, I would want to take you to wife. You know, dear Asenath, when I was waiting here while you bathed in your tub, and heard you humming to yourself and the splashing of the water, I imagined I was in the tub with you and washing you down.”

“Oh, how I would have loved that.” said Asenath.

“You may have loved that, and I would have loved that,” said the man, “However, God On High wouldn’t have loved that, for I would have been derelict in my duty as his chief captain. Now, I must leave you and go to Joseph, and tell him he is to take you to wife.”

“If you must leave, I suppose you must leave,” said Asenath. “Before you do, please sit upon on my bed. I’ll get a table ready and food. I’ll bring you good wine of the finest flavour. Then you may go.”


– Genesis 41, 45 – 46

Joseph and Asenath, Chapter 15

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