Chariot Of Fire

Asenath’s visitor, the dazzling man, agreed *to eat a meal* with her before he left.

“Bring me a honeycomb too,” said the man.

“A honeycomb?”

“Yes, a honeycomb, what bees make.”

“It’ll be difficult to find a honeycomb on such short notice. They’re not easy to find.”

“Go look in your inner room. You’ll find a honeycomb there.”

Asenath went to the inner room and did see a honeycomb which she brought out and gave to the man.

“A honeycomb in my room. What next?”

The man broke off a piece of the honeycomb and ate it.

“It’s good. Try some yourself.” He broke off another piece and put it into Asenath’s mouth.

“How do you like it?”

“Mmm. It’s the best honey I’ve ever tasted.”

“Watch this.” The man put his finger on the edge of the honeycomb that faced eastwards, and the path of his finger became like blood. He did the same with the edge of the honeycomb that faced north. Again, the path of his finger became like blood.

He put his finger to Asenath’s mouth.

“You can suck the blood off if you want.”

Asenath sucked the finger clean.

“I’ve never much liked the taste of blood, but yours tastes yummy.”

Bees began to come out from the cells of the honeycomb – white bees with wings of purple, blue and gold, and with tiny golden crowns on their heads. They flew in circles around Asenath, and some settled on her lips.

“Don’t move and they won’t sting” said the man. And he said to the bees, “Go now to your places,” whereupon they all dropped to the ground and died.

“Get up now and go your place,” said the man. The bees came alive again and flew outside to the top of the Asenath’s tower.

“That’s incredible, really incredible,” said Asenath, “I don’t think Joseph could do that with bees in a million years.”

“Everyone has their talents,” said the man, “Joseph is the de-facto prime minister of Egypt. I don’t think I could do that.”

“But you are the chief captain of God On High. That’s much more important than being just a de-facto prime minister. Will you kiss me? I’ll die happy knowing that the chief captain of God On High has kissed me.”

The man kissed Asenath on the lips, and slowly.

“Oh God, this is wonderful,” she said, “Kiss me as much as you want. Is this wonderful for you too?”

“Yes….oh yes,”

“I’m going to open up my robe and show myself to you. I want you to come into me.”

“Were I not God On High’s chief captain, I would. But I can’t. You do see this, don’t you?”

“Yes……I suppose I do. Right now this is difficult though. Come into me now. Please. God On High will understand.”

“This is difficult for me too. But I’m called to Higher Things. Now I must go.”

The man vanished. Through her window, Asenath saw what looked like a chariot of fire ascending.


– Genesis 41, 45 – 46

Joseph and Asenath, Chapters 16 and 17

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2 Responses to Chariot Of Fire

  1. Richard says:

    From azimuth to Asenath and back again.
    Must be hard, being an angel.

  2. Christopher says:

    They get to travel, though.

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