In accordance with her father’s wishes, Hatshepsut married her half-brother Thutmose junior. But she wasn’t in love with him because she found him exceedingly repellent.

It was therefore Moses who Hatshepsut directed all her affections on. As Moses went from being a youth to becoming a young man, Hatshepsut noted the way girls looked at him, for Moses was everything a girl could want. He was beautiful to look at, had an aura that made him the cynosure of everyone in whatever room or chamber he entered, was supremely intelligent, had an intellect honed by the most exacting school education, was excellent at sports and games, and was an intrepid army officer, trained in all the military arts.

Somehow, though, Moses didn’t seem to take the same interest in girls that they took in him.

“Do you like girls?” said Hatshepsut one day.

“Well……..of course I like girls”, said Moses. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“It’s just that you don’t take much notice of them” said Hatshepsut.

“This is because I’ve always been so busy. I’ve simply not had time for girls.”

“Come on now, one always finds time for what one is really interested in. You’re just not interested in girls, is what I think. Is there anything the matter?”

“I tell you, I am interested in girls, but just not the girls I’ve met so far.”

“What’s been wrong with the girls you’ve met so far?”

“They’re boring. All they do is giggle and act silly. I want a girl who’s intelligent and mature, who’s like……..well………like you, Hatshepsut. I always compare them to you, and always find them wanting. While they might look pretty, they just have to open their mouths and start talking, and I lose interest.”

“Do you find me attractive?”


“Do you find me attractive? You’ve just said you want girls who are like me. Don’t be ashamed. I know I’m very attractive to men. I know those looks they give me. And I notice this very same look from you. Lots of times.”

“How observant you are, Hatshepsut. Yes, you’re right, I do find you attractive. Very attractive if you must know. I fantasise about you day and night. I fight against it. Believe me I fight against it. Whenever I’m in the fantasy mode, I try to think of the girls I know, but you always come in and they disappear. This is terrible, but I feel so helpless. You must think me an awful person.”

“I love that you think of me this way, darling Moses. But I’m not surprised. Not at all. I am beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful woman in all of Egypt. I’m not going to engage in false modesty here. Not only am I beautiful in body, I’m intelligent in mind and powerful in will. The only man I know with all these qualities is you my dearest Moses. From the moment I first saw you I knew you were special. You’re so intelligent, so perceptive, I feel I can talk about anything with you and feel understood. You are beautiful in mind and beautiful in body. Can you wonder why you’re in my daily and nightly fantasies too?”


– Exodus 2
Women in Scripture
Bible Archeology
– The Perplexing Historical Moses

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