Blue Water-Lilies

That night a voice in the darkness awakened Moses.

“Moses” said the voice, “this is God, so don’t be afraid. I haven’t spoken with you directly before, but now I feel I must because your life has taken a turn that could destroy my plans for you to lead the Hebrew nation from slavery in Egypt to freedom in Canaan. I know your mother Jochebed told you about this before Hatshepsut took you to live with her in the Pharaoh’s palace.”

“My Lord God, I can’t believe it’s really You. Yes, yes, I think I do vaguely remember what Jochebed told me. But……..but…….it seems so……so…….long ago.”

“While it may be for you, it’s not for Me. So I’ll remind you that you are where you are because I brought it about, although indirectly. I pulled the twines, so to speak. However, I intended Hatshepsut to play the part of a mother to you, not a lover. I obviously erred in choosing too beautiful a woman to be your surrogate mother instead of a woman more homely. It’s too late, though, for Me to change this. ”

“Hatshepsut has a power over me I can do nothing about, My Lord” said Moses. “I’m like dough in her hands. I can’t explain it.”

“As your Creator, and Creator of all the world and everything in it, I can explain it,” said God. “What has happened between you and Hatshepsut has to do with hormones and brain chemistry. She has the same affect on your brain’s neurons and chemistry as would your eating a consciousness-altering plant, like, say, a blue water-lily, that you see so many of floating on the Nile. She acts on you in the way your eating a blue water-lily would. You have somewhat the same affect on Hatshepsut, only she has more conscious control because she’s a woman, and therefore is stronger than you as a man. Women are the superior sex, but they conceal this from you men so they can control you better. It’s very important that you know this.”

“I do see the sense in what you say, my Lord God, for I’ve sort of felt this too. So I’m glad you’re confirming what I’ve felt.”

“This perspicacity of yours is why I chose you as leader of my Chosen People. I’m therefore not going to object if what’s going on between you and Hatshepsut continues for a while, for I think you have the self-awareness not to let her destroy you. As your Creator, I know there’s a part of you that can float outside yourself and observe yourself as if you’re someone else. You’re going to have to use this gift, else Hatshepsut will destroy you. She’s ambitious. She wants to be the leader of Egypt some day, but her being a woman makes this especially difficult. She’ll need you at her side, perhaps even as Egypt’s co-ruler. Should she manipulate you into this, you wouldn’t be able to be the leader of my Chosen People.

“I won’t let you down, My Lord.”

“We’ll see.”

– Exodus 2
Women in Scripture
Bible Archeology
– The Perplexing Historical Moses

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