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Deaf Ears

You’ll remember from *last time* that while the sons of Jacob were loading their donkeys for their return journey to Canaan from Egypt, Joseph had got his steward to put his prized silver goblet into Benjamin’s sack without him knowing. … Continue reading

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Au Revoir

*During the meal* with his brothers – who had come to Egypt from Canaan to buy food – Joseph snuck away to find his steward who was lurking behind the de facto prime ministerial tent. Joseph said to the steward, … Continue reading

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Tragacanth and Myrrh

The last posting ended with Jacob *refusing to let Benjamin* travel back to Egypt with his older brothers, so that Simeon, who had stayed behind in Egypt as a hostage, might be released. Hence the brothers remained for the time … Continue reading

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The Quorum

Being too far off to hear his brothers’ *plans for him*, Joseph was surprised when they seized him roughly as he greeted them after his journey from Jacob’s home in Canaan. “What’s come over you all, my Brothers?” cried the … Continue reading

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“Give Me Sons or I Shall Die”

As a result of Jacob’s and Leah’s *regular transports of passion* Leah began bearing sons – Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah. Then…….nothing. However, Leah’s bearing no more sons after these four wasn’t enough to stop Rachel being jealous that she, Rachel, … Continue reading

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