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On The Back Foot

When *Judah had finished speaking*, Joseph, hardly able to keep a grip on his emotions, said in a strangled voice to his servants in the room, “Please leave us, now.” The servants did as told. Joseph then began weeping loudly, … Continue reading

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Au Revoir

*During the meal* with his brothers – who had come to Egypt from Canaan to buy food – Joseph snuck away to find his steward who was lurking behind the de facto prime ministerial tent. Joseph said to the steward, … Continue reading

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A Pit of Poisonous Snakes

The sons of Jacob (Joseph’s brothers) shortly after *crossing Egypt’s border*, went to the dwelling of the Canaanite-Egyptian interpreter they’d used last time. The brothers and the interpreter then went to Joseph’s official residence to present themselves to him. Several … Continue reading

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The prospect of travelling all the way back *to Canaan to fetch Benjamin*, then travelling all the way back to Egypt with him, made Joseph’s brothers wonder what they’d done to deserve this hardship. Speaking in his native Canaanite so … Continue reading

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Twenty Pieces Of Silver

While Jacob’s sons were discussing *whether or not* to sell Joseph to the owners of a passing Ishmaelite caravan, some Midianite merchants, who were also passing through that area, heard cries from a well. It was the very well that … Continue reading

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The Quorum

Being too far off to hear his brothers’ *plans for him*, Joseph was surprised when they seized him roughly as he greeted them after his journey from Jacob’s home in Canaan. “What’s come over you all, my Brothers?” cried the … Continue reading

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To Kill, Or Not To Kill…….

Joseph had always been the apple of his mother’s (Rachel’s) eye, and the favourite son of his father, Jacob. To show Joseph how special he was, Jacob had a special robe made for him – a robe of many different … Continue reading

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